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Rental bicycles at Fatahillah square, Jakarta Old town.

Some classic buildings were built by Dutch.

Best time to visit in the afternoon. Cafes and restaurants are available here, good place for gathering. Penyewaan sepeda di lapangan Fatahillah, kota tua Jakarta. Beberapa bangunan klasik yang dibangun oleh Belanda. Waktu terbaik untuk mengunjungi di sore hari. Dr. If you're in the Idaho area, check them out. A different presentation each night, plus book signing, field guides, cast replicas, posters, and more. Robert Dodson returns to an area where vocalizations were recorded, including some intense growling. It is pretty apparent something big has been there. From PacWest Bigfoot: My name is Ronald, and I have to say, I am still unsure of what my wife and I saw that night in Hyder, Alaska but, whatever it was, it was huge, and it tried to scare us off I believe. Here is our account of Bigfoot in the campgrounds outside of Hyder, Alaska. My wife got a better look at it, and she swears it was a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, or whatever you want to call this thing. Here is our encounter story, and just so you know, I do believe this thing really, really wanted us to leave the area, no matter what it was!.

Dogman seems to have been sighted a lot this year.

Here are some of my personal favorite encounters sent to me this year. Hope you all have a great new year! Thank you for all the support thus far. M. M. Fellow travelers in one of the zodiacs onour August Arctic expedition. Bobby and Betsy Moore. Dog was named "Window" so named after having crashed thru one when they tried to leave him behind in the Bunk House. Love in Zulu: ukuthanda. I'm sure it's Russia's fault. I won't be wasting my time watching Odumbo tell us how wonderful he is and how deplorable Trump is. I'm sure if there is anything noteworthy I'll hear about it tomorrow. Buh bye. I'd searched all over L. A. I'm working on it. I may not have it done until tomorrow. In the mean time, here's Herschel's take.

I'll bet the unemployed numbers are higher here.

I bought a new potting table. Hello new table. you look like a real work horse. The old table is going to the lower garden. The new one is unusual. It's from Paris and I am guessing it's an old farm table.

Carl Saltee, in Fortier, Minn.

been chewing on a thought.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul an with all your mind and with all your strength''".

Application: Our love for God needs to eclipse our love for anything else in this world. Our love for God should supersede every other love in our lives. We must love Him above all else in our lives, when we do, we will see Him work strongly in our lives. God wants us to be ALL IN! He wants all of our heart, our soul, our mind and our strength. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. I am really looking forward to this update. I am especially looking forward to this change. I am a lighting junkie. I always think that if there is one change that can be made in a home, it's the lighting. ". MUHC: Should doctors start prescribing steps? "As physicians, we have to face reality and admit that for many patients, just telling them to be more physically active simply doesn't work," says Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta, a physician researcher at the RI-MUHC and principal author of the study. "A lot of people want to be active, but it is very difficult to change health behaviors. The idea in this study is to use step counts almost as a medication. ".


Joseph F. Dunford is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Department of Defense. oh - hell noes. What you saw last night was the same Donald Trump he's always been. For those of us who have supported him from day one it was a glorious affirmation of all that we believed. Does it mean I don't expect him to act on his promises? Does it also mean I approve of everything he proposed? Nope and nope. I'm not a big fan of government run child care, and I'll reserve judgement on paid family leave until I see details. I'm excited to see how the rabid anti-Trumpers are going to spin Trump's speech. This is a personal preference.

As the pudding hardens, pour it in your heat-resistant serving cups/plates and let rest for a few minutes before garnishing with pistachio and refrigerating.

Serve cold. Source: Mama's Lebanese kitchen.

Lets learn from each other with respect for one another, and in frith instead of in isolation.

Together we can enjoy this opportunity to discuss inclusion in religion and to promote cultural, religious, and educational exchange. Yesterday was the first day back for the after school kids since before Xmas. I spent a lot of time over the holidays thinking about what I have started here. It's the only way to do this economically. As it is, I am constantly pouring through the newspaper looking for the best sales.

When I am not cooking, I am shopping.

Nothing is wasted. I figure out a way to use everything. I bake a lot of bread and rolls because they are the cheapest things to make. If any of you have suggestions for inexpensive meals, I'd love to hear them. m. ET Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin laid out ambitious goals to secure a U. S. tax-code overhaul by August and to deliver economic growth at rates not seen in more than a decade. Mr. Mnuchin, in his first interview since his confirmation last week as Treasury secretary, said slower economic growth since the financial crisis had primarily been an anomaly and a result of Obama administration policies that can be reversed. " If you were not, you wouldn't be reading this. You are the Leading Edge of Our New Reality. Importantly, you are not just observers, you are "Participants" in changing our World. You provide indispensable assistance to the success of the plan, and for that you will be paid extremely well. That is so important because they could not test these important ideas and information on the sleeping public as they would freak out and have no ability to handle the ups and down of this ride. But we can and do. TNTMilliesMom: I'm looking at basnews. Is this something to get excited about?OffGrid: Milliesmom This is very interesting and may be the rates alright for the usd and euro. HmmmmRockyMntLady: I see the rate. Andile Ncube is the presenter of E! Entertainment's new presenter search, The Search: E! Host South Africa that will start in February looking for a South African presenter for the channel while actress Terry Pheto will be the main judge. It's no secret that the beleaguered South African Broadcasting Corporation is the problem child sitting in the back of the class struggling to keep up. Paying DStv subscribers who want to know what is showing on SABC Encore and want actual programme and episode information can't get it for a string of shows since the SABC failed to give that information to MultiChoice, although MultiChoice is paying the SABC to do so. Keep in mind that this is not new content - it's old stuff. The SABC's programming, library and publicity staff can't even bother to watch their own programming to write short synopsis and programming info, or can't be bothered to provide and send it through. The result is of course that the SABC shows just how much little it values its own channel and how dismissive it is of SABC Encore - it's own product. While the SABC treats SABC Encore like irrelevant trash it presumably wants viewers and DStv subscribers to care about the channel that MultiChoice is paying the SABC millions of rands for. Practicing entrepreneurship in IT starts with the outlier visionary digital leadership, build the innovative culture - the collective attitude to experiment better ways to do things. Contemporary CIOs have multiple personas, "Chief Innovation Officer," and "Chief Intrapreneur Officers," are the most pertinent titles for CIOs to fit the digital leadership role in running IT as a business. Being entrepreneurial is first the mindset, then an attitude and skills are the easier part to be developed. An entrepreneur's mind is often innovative, being innovative is more important than any specific innovation. The CIO requires being confident to create and manage changes, being both strategic and hands-on. Just like any other c-level executive, creating business value is what is expected from CIOs. It doesn't mean though being transactional is bad and transformation is good, in the absolute. In fact, an effective leader needs to have both transformation and transaction levels and styles of thinking, behaving and acting. "Transactional" refers to operational transactions, taking an input at one end and churning it out at the other with processes in between. "The huge inferno generated by the attack suggests that the target location was either a fuel or ammunition dump as can be seen from the declassified footage of the air strike.

You are please requested to disseminate this information through your medium for the awareness of the general public.

Thank you for your usual support and cooperation. .