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Samsill 17692 DXL/Contour Cover D-Ring Binders - 4"" Binder Capacity - Letter - 11"" Width x 8.50"" Length Sheet Size - D-Ring Fastener - Blue - 1 Each

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Reverse Confetti's February Sketch For You To Try is winding down.

We'd love to have you play along! Here's the sketch: I started with an Aqua stamped Butterfly Dreams image, layered onto a Lime Green circle die-cut, layered onto a Lacy Scallop Circle and backed with a vellum Wreath. I adhered the butterfly just down the middle so I could gently curve the wings forward for some dimension. For the rectangle panel on the sketch, I used one of the die-cuts from the All Framed Up die set. I cut it in half, adhering half to the top and half to the bottom of the circle panel for extra length. Last, I added a black Hang Ups, Too die-cut before adhering the whole thing to a heart pattern from True Love and a black card base. Visit the Reverse Confetti blog today for more sketch inspiration.

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