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My friday morning couldn't start better with the discovery of these beautiful and very inspiring images styled by Amanda Rodriques, at the IKEA pressroom. Ikea we will launch several new series of furniture in February, such as the modular Eket storage but also many accessoires as new textiles, vases, prints and deco objects and I can't wait to admire them!. From Swamp Dweller: Walking home from your job can be a good way to relax and wind down after a hard work day. But sometimes you get a little more than you bargained for. Here is a true scary cryptid encounter!. YOU CAN INVEST IN A CHEAPER AND MORE AFFORDABLE TYPE OF AVR AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR. TRANSFORMER/S. YOU CAN INVEST ON "ON THE SHELVES" AVR/S AND TRANSFORMERS. BUT THE QUESTION IS: CAN THE SUPPLIER SERVICE AND MAINTAIN THE UNIT/S DURING AND AFTER THE WARRANTY PERIOD. One can never know what treasures might be laying around. I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to go and take her classes, my friends, as they are really, really SPECIAL!!! So, if you have this opportunity, don't miss it and go for it! They are a must! I started my project by applying a coat of Heavy White Gesso to my cover and after drying, I spread Limestone Stone Effect Paste through one of Finnabair's Doily stencils. Now that our challenges are every two weeks, you've got lots of time to join in.

This time we have a great sketch for you: Here is some more inspiration in case you need it: Lucinda Andreja Alison EK Find the original post, our inspiration cards and the link-up here.

The importance of this documentary is that it reveals the Castro regime's apparatus of repression targeting friends, family and neighbors of dissidents with the aim of isolating all that dissent from the official line with escalating consequences that can end in prison or death. A man from Sunrise, Florida was arrested after he rammed his truck into an occupied golf cart at Calusa Campground in Key Largo. m. Saturday to a report of a disturbance. He said he pulled up in his golf cart, behind a pickup truck parked at the residence. He then pulled the truck forward and parked it. A short time later, Soccol got back into the truck and backed into the golf cart a second time. When deputies arrived, they found Soccol still on the scene. Witnesses at the scene corroborated the victim's story. Thanks to everyone that came by! That was a lot of fun!. bigcartel. Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing a stamp I just love. This is one of the Ai BFFs from Art Impressions. I think I'm probably closer to being one of the Ai Girlfriends now but I can still relate to the BFFs. Here's the inside of my card. Let's talk soon! InLinkz. Costantino, imperatore, non figura tra i Santi della Chiesa cattolica, ma non mancano santi con il nome di Costantino, e proprio oggi ne sono festeggiati due insieme. Del primo, che il Martirologio dice « confessore a Cartagine », non si sa però nulla, oltre a questa generica notizia. Buongiorno. con vista.

Working on Sunday.

I grew up being taught that you don't work on Sunday. It was something that I really didn't have an issue with. I was a teenager. Of course I wasn't working on Sunday. Now that I am an adult, I find my husband's job and even my own occasionally, pulling us out to work on a Sunday. For my husband, he doesn't have a choice. His career choice demands he occasionally work on Sundays. I find it relaxing. Here are the two cards I created using the new "Out Of This World" digital stamp set designed by my daughter, Madison. For those who are curious, I've included links to some time lapse videos of me working on them. Time Lapse Video Time Lapse Video. westafrica-importexport-scam. tk. For further information on these Scams, please Read .

For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read .

As each word I write throws itself onto the screen I can see it is happening now. Do you see and feel it? Your very thoughts, spoken words and actions are helping to create this change. A big thank you is in order for all those that have taken the time, energy and effort to post their thoughts on the DC website. It's so much appreciated by so many of us. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. This morning in the sunny, early-spring work of chores - I saw a lamb on the hillside. I was not expecting it! Never had my sheep lambed so early, and to see this guy peaking out of the sheep shed with his mother Brick, was encouraging. The farm keeps going. The seasons keep changing. It's my job as steward to keep it appeased as they do. I treaded water for years unsure of how I could pull this life off. I love to teach and each and every one of my classes is special. But. sometimes I am able to be a part of workshops that are just a bit extra special. Perhaps they are in a unique location, part of a bigger retreat or a collaborative experience with other artists. I love these wonderful color activities from Toddler Approved. Pair them with reading Color Wonder Hooray for Spring! for a playful and interactive storytime. Make it a craft and coloring day too. Check out some Color Wonder spring craft activities, perfect for the older kids. Have fun!. Using headphones or earphone reduces 'echo' on the call. In my medium size,very thin hand. People with very big hands may find the body a little shorter than the optimal for best grip. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong. " - Calvin Coolidge Clear and calm in most all respects. Roads have cleared along with the skies which are full of sunshine and bright glory. Only paltry windswell actions from multiple directions to contend with. CHANNEL: Very small and nearly flat conditions as early morning high tides drain out. Glistening ocean surfaces burnished in gold make for picturesque backdrops to the Marin hills above. PATCH: A wily insider willfully tries to resolve itself in and among the Snags. Pushing up towards knee high as it strives to make the wave of the day entry. PACK IT IN.


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Much of the controversy swirls around the correct interpretation of his views.

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They didn't stop to consider how many of their fundamental beliefs were implicitly grounded in God's existence.

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TNTLilyPad: Good afternoon TNT. Spicer said meeting with trump on Wed. Luvwulfs: Lilypad Monday. Is what I. Heard.

Looks like he will be in Washington all week.

The only thing I can think is it may have to do with the announcement of the liberation of Mosul. I know Mosul is basically pretty clear right now. Wow is right. There's no more secretes with the scope of money or new currency, nor it's gold backing. Secretary Mnuchin spoke of trillions of dollars flooding into our country to help with infrastructure investment and economic growth. Does anyone really understand what one trillion dollars of cash injection does to a national economy let alone multiple trillions? It's like economic Viagra. Trump and Clinton were chosen because both were controllable given their brutally open cabal past. Here as I stand in no-mans land.

Just being.

Observer, and the Objeservation are one in the same. No form. Unto its own adoration it is adorned. Such deep universal truths,Build our roots,Form our foundation,For above all things we are but one nation. But are pains are heard. Our pains are felt,No one worries about the hand they were dealt. When we are all sitting at the same table. Trying to be stableIn a room of broken dreams and shattered promises. We are here to deport you back to Mexico. .