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Started out at Seckar Wood first thing.

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Also this will make the top and bottom rows not have bias on the edge.

I will be appliqueing many wool heats to this so having stable edges will be a bonus! Some of my favorite fabrics saw the last bits go into this quilt. I'll miss the Mary Englebreit teapot fabric! This week is Multiple Sclerosis awareness week so I will be posting a bit about MS. Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Dance With Darkness Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I greet you all. I am with you as a like-minded friend, an equal. Accept me as your brother. I want to be with you and to hold your hand. It is easier for me to see life from a higher and wider perspective than is possible for you at the earthly level. Doing that is certainly not easy, but it has its purpose. When you are in the higher realms, in celestial spheres, as they are called, there is almost no resistance. Warga Bernama pagi ini dikejutkan dengan berita mengenai seorang rakan dan kenalan unit keselamatan yang terkorban selepas kereta yang dipandunya terbabit dalam kemalangan di Jalan Cheras. Siasatan awal mendapati kereta yang dipandu Siti Nordalilah dilanggar di sisi sebelah kanan oleh sebuah kereta. "Mayatnya dibawa ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur untuk bedah siasat," katanya ketika dihubungi Bernama. Rakan sekerja, Suhaidan Sulaiman berkata kehilangan Siti Nordalilah amat dirasai oleh beliau dan rakan-rakannya yang lain. Beliau telah mengenali Siti Nordalilah sejak mereka sama-sama memulakan tugas di unit keselamatan Bernama kira-kira tujuh tahun lalu. "Suami arwah yang memaklumkan kepada kami berkenaan berita sedih itu pagi tadi dan saya macam tak percaya arwah sudah tiada," katanya. During my meditation several times I thought about the River of Life and tried to stay in the middle of these two powerful polarized energies so I could use my balance to send healing energy to both. We finished our prayer and spent some time healing each other with group Reiki sessions and I left feeling at peace. My girlfriend M and I returned to the farm and found that the neighbor's dogs had attacked several of the llamas we had been raising. They killed a beautiful pure white llama and had attacked two others. One who could not stand had dragged itself across the field, its rear end torn to shreds. All Teams are gathering tonight. Let's roll!Greetings family. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior. We are gathered tonight for some very serious study. This is going to be a little different. Hello AI fans!! Dana, here with a card featuring the new Nuts About You clear stamp set. Don't put away your valentine stamp sets, love happens all year long!! This set has a few sentiments that would be great for someone you love or even a great friend!! I started by cutting some pattern paper with a stitched rectangle, then I placed the Tiny Heart Stencil by Simon Says Stamp over the panel. With some dye ink that matched I inked the tiny hearts, then removed the stencil and inked around the edge. From the same paper pad, I die cut some clouds from a white pattern paper and edged them lightly with the same ink I used for the tiny hearts. When I was done coloring them, I fussy cut them out and then used a black marker to color the edges. I added the stenciled panel to a white background and figured that my squirrels needed a ground to lift off from so I hand cut a wave from some Kraft card stock. There was some overhand on the three sides that I just trimmed off. Then I added the squirrels and clouds with foam tape, trimming off the overhand of the clouds. Last I stamped the sentiment and trimmed it to a basic rectangle and added it to the bottom left of the card with foam tape. .