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A man who was hiking with his nephew in Scotland, took this photo in which a strange, humanoid type creature can be seen. "There were one or two entities… what looked like small people peering out from the tree next to my nephew," he reported. The picture shows his nephew as he walks down a brown path between the trees and an unidentified white shape to his left that resembles a small and fully dressed astronaut. The humanoid appears to be walking towards the left side of the woods. A Midland ISD Police Sergeant was arrested on domestic violence charges, that's according to Midland Police Spokesperson Rachel Walker. The investigation has been handed over to Midland ISD police, we've reached out to Midland ISD for further information but have yet to hear back. An elderly woman accidently drove her car into the enterance of a Northwest Side HEB Sunday morning. m. at the HEB on Fredericksburg and West Hildebrand Ave. Thankfully, she hit one of the pillars design to stop vehicles from going through the front door. No inuries were reported. No word on if any charges will be filed. Sneak preview of the Greener Monkey This past weekend was a busy one around here. I had two guitar playing gigs at church and an evening over at another couple's home for a dinner. I also had the honor of conducting the Mechanics Class at the shop where I had some enthusiastic students. Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday, and most of Sunday were just too busy to do anything with bikes, for the most part. I did get in a cardboard recycling run on the Big Dummy. I think the last time I rode that bike was New Year's Day. Things were pretty clear, as far as snow and ice back then and now we find ourselves right back in that same boat again. This time I feel like it just may signal the end of Winter. Anyway, it was fun to get that bike out and use it. Literally. I can't kick. I managed. I wasn't my sharpest. Mine is green and black, but, basically, the same. I have a teacher's day tomorrow, so will be able to catch up on grading and entry. I showed a movie today The Martian - quite educational, and right in line with what we had been doing in class:Gas laws The importance of water, and it's use as a solvent My physics class will be working on - Work and Energy. Bit smaller than yesterday too. In their letter of Jan. OCTOBERSVERYOWN. IT STARTS WITH YOU! - Prune empowerment programme, your unlimited wealth creation. Fans of the BBC's recent Brontë film To Walk Invisible have a treat in store at the Brontë Parsonage Museum. Staff at the museum worked closely with the production crew for many months to ensure the on-screen world of the Brontës was as authentic as possible. A full-size replica of the parsonage was built on Haworth's Penistone Hill, while the parsonage's rooms were painstakingly recreated at Manchester studio. Main Street was returned to its Victorian appearance for filming last summer. A museum spokesman said: "This is an exclusive opportunity to see the costumes from Sally Wainwright's acclaimed Brontë drama, in the historic setting of the parsonage. Patrick Brontë, and brother Branwell also saw their own works in print'. A wedding ring box and a rag rug. all Brontë.

Wedding Ring Box Hollow Book - Jane EyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë made into a wedding ring box with a beautiful love heart recess.

At Popinjay, I rescue tatty and unloved books, and turn them into something new and lovely. Harris County sheriff's detectives are withholding the name of the boy, who shot himself Friday at the home of a friend near Spring, a northern suburb of Houston. He died Saturday. The father of the friend said he picked up the boy from a trailer park Thursday evening for a sleepover. The man said he went to the gym to work out Friday morning when his son called frantically. The father said he doesn't own a gun and doesn't know where the death weapon came from, but his son abstained from the deadly game. The father told investigators that the wounded boy had occasionally been a group home resident and under foster care. Il Dirigente ScolasticoProf. ssa Tommasa Basile. courtesy of singtao. cccourtesy of mingpao. Ah Tan due to a jaw infection lost his voice despite improving condition. Now he had to say every word slowly. Ah Tan said that over exhaustion turned into illness, for example last week he did a dozen or so interviews in one breath. Eddie Murillio and Gee Gee stopped by one day introducing the Togni Family. You can also bookmark this page and watch the school board meeting at the Voice website: . m. When bestselling and award-winning SFF author C. J. I own a few Cherryh titles, but they're in storage somewhere and I couldn't find them.

Perusing various threads on message boards, I discovered that a majority of the author's fans consider Downbelow Station and Cyteen to be her best novels to date.

Both have won the Hugo Award for best novel and both appear on basically every single "Best science fiction books of all time" lists out there. Hence, it seemed that I couldn't go wrong with either of them. I elected to go for Downbelow Station first because, even though it's part of the Alliance-Union series, the novel reads like a stand-alone. My only concern was that it might not have aged well. Friday's dynamic duo. " Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. Scott M. Stanley & Galena K. Rhoades BigStockPhoto A number of studies have shown that cohabiting couples are more likely to experience physical aggression in their relationships than married couples. These differences held even when controlling for many other variables.

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IL SANTO DEL GIORNO: Sant'Eleuterio, Vescovo e Martire in Francia. Vi dominano le figure del generoso e passionale Re Clodoveo, quella della gentile e appassionata Regina Clotilde, quella del fiero e glorioso San Remigio, vescovo di Reims, chiamato l'evangelizzatore della Francia. In questo quadro, agitato dalle barbariche coscienze dei Franchi, idolatri pieni di generosi slanci, e cristiani pieni di crudeli violenze, Sant'Eleuterio appare quasi figura di secondo piano. Difficilmente quei popoli avrebbero seguito gli inermi Vescovi, mentre obbedivano, idolatricamente fedeli, i loro prodi capi, violenti e vendicativi. Eleuterio fu eletto Vescovo di Tournai dieci anni prima che il Re Clodoveo si convertisse, per merito della regina Clotilde, traendosi dietro i suoi fidi Franchi. C. 'Lipari S. Lucia' un punto di erogazione di servizio del C. Public safety demands such reptiles be identified so they can be avoided. Anything that erodes the deterrent factor increases the likelihood of the ignorant doing something stupid, and that makes things dangerous. TNTRVAlready: I do not think any of this can be announced publicly until it is all over. Too much possible damage to financial markets. Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. ChildAbuseRecovery. A. Feb.

After this first experience inside Heaven, even though it appeared I was looking down from up above, I later learned, that I had escaped inside my Pineal Portal into all other Heavenly Home Multidimensional perspectives, so it only appears Heaven is somewhere else, besides inside the very essence core of our brighter Light Crown above, from within Pineal's Mortal/Immortal Portal.

I was very angry when I came back through our Immortal Portal, and I was bitter for a longer time than, even Mortals can imagine back here. bigcartel.

parking on the GA apron.

I also added some crazy machine stitching and distress ink to the papers to add a vintage feel to the card! To make the butterfly and flowers stand out, I added Rock Candy Distress Stickles to the butterfly which gives it a very cool texture and sparkle. Then, I added Diamond Stickles to the petals of the flowers. You can see it adds a few different highlights to it. I'm delighted to be here in Seekerville to share a quick Writers Guide to "what's what" and "who's who" in Canada. And, I'll be here all day to answer any questions you may have about Canada that you've always wanted to know. So, let's get to it! General Facts: We're the second largest country in the world, next to Russia. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Winnipeg is the exact geographical centre of North America, so halfway between the south of Mexico and the Arctic.

From DNA Info:The city is looking for a developer to construct housing, retail and open space above a rail yard in Long Island City, according to a Request for Proposals published Monday. The city owns the air rights to the site, which is currently used by the LIRR for storage.

Any development would need to be built over the existing rail yard, similar to the Hudson Yards development in Manhattan which is being built above the West Side Yard.

That is a studied insult. Bill English has made the right decision. Kingi Tauroa is the chief lunatic in charge of the asylum.

He plays to the cameras.

He enjoys his moment in the sun. scamwebsites. Please sign the enclosed copy of this Soft Copy Job Offer letter and return it to us by email to indicate your acceptance to this offer. .