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Just love the cosy atmosphere in this stunning serene bedroom created by the beautiful bedlinen, the natural details, the softtones and the industrial surroundings.

From the Squatch Master - a return visit to the location where two years prior he captured video of what he believes was a bigfoot creature watching him from behind the trees. But behind closed doors at the Haworth attraction the staff, from shop workers to specialist curators, have rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in. Principal curator Ann Dinsdale said there was a huge amount of work going on at the house where the Brontë sisters wrote their famous novels. She said: "I think people imagine the winter is a quiet time for us, but it's probably the busiest time as it's the only time of year when we can do any conservation and maintenance work. "Everything is cleaned and we check the entire collection for any signs of change in condition, including the furniture. Sheriff's deputies and firefighters are on the scene of a house fire on Big Pine Key. m. At this time the fire is still active and firefighters are working to extinguish it. . Instead of playing a game on my phone, this is how I spend my subway rides of late. I notice that everyone wears hoodies these days, even homeless dudes. Actually, maybe homeless men started the craze. Hipsters just took credit for the fashion trend. After a gunman robbed her grandpa on Friday, Cassie Luevano started tweeting at anyone who would listen. Her heartfelt messages about the "innocent grandpa targeted by illegals for his ID" and pleas for better border security caught the attention of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. "We'll work to protect him and put an end to this. It was an impressive visual display over the skies of Hampton Roads on Wednesday evening. WVEC meteorologist Tim Pandajis says the formation known as a shelf cloud, and it came in as part of a cold front that moved in. Shelf cloud formations typically occur along the leading edge of cold air, in absence of thunderstorms. Shop For Texas Products The timing of the day was perfect, too, allowing the clouds to be illuminated in red and orange hues as they rolled across Hampton Roads. Source:. Employers are continuously faced with new and challenging issues. One significant area of current interest is how employers should deal with mental health issues that arise in the workplace. Employers need to understand the breadth of their obligations when dealing with mental health issues, how to recognize and respond to substance abuse issues at work, and how to handle a variety of problems tied to mental health in general. Credit: Applications for CLE credit in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are currently pending. If you are seeking CLE credit in a jurisdiction other than NJ, NY or PA, please email Kacie Friedrichs. By: Presented by Dechert's Labor and Employment PracticeMore Information And Registration. I love those ship shape letters in the inspiration photo at Fusion this week! So I went with a letter theme and made a shaded panel of letters by using an alphabet diecut, some masking paper and Faded Jeans Distress Ink. How can you not love an ink called Faded Jeans? We all have that pair that we would never part with! Be inspired by the picture. or the sketch. I'm here with a two cards for you using the Mary Hen image from the ADFD Shop. Both of these cards were super-simple to make. This is a one layer card with an embossed border and a ribbon. Both cards have minimal coloring. Hugs, Cathy. I have a friend. His name is Eric. I see him every grocery shopping day. He bags groceries, or sweeps the floors…he doesn't like sweeping very much but he gets it done. Sometimes he wears a bow tie to work, Eric is short, he has light brown hair, sparkly eyes and a big smile. I always look to see which checkout he is working at. We have a "thing" I don't like my bread in a bag, I like it seperate and put in the front of the cart…Eric knows this and has known this for years. Peter Wadhams is an 'expeditionary' scientist and Emeritus Professor of Ocean Physics from Cambridge. featured speakers Vice President Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway. A real family friendly event. God bless them. Live at C-SpanOMGosh - people are praying in public.

Catholics are wont to accuse you of "Nestorianism" if you deny the divine motherhood of Mary.

Catholics make "Mother of God" sound innocuous to get a foot in the door, but look at where their "logic" leads to:. Yesterday evening, following the morning's "WTF on Justin Amash?" post, WarOnGuns Correspondent Laocoön sent me the following, with the notation: "Ha! Still bogus, but moving in the right direction. At least it's not an A+. Starting at midnight on Friday, witches around the country are calling for a mass spell to be cast on Donald Trump every night of a waning crescent moon until he's driven from office. Despite all that, it's still a great song. Aside from the fact that patriots don't need pins, this is one way to temporarily get around yet another harassing obstacle. well let's see, how do I explain this. ?. Dark afternoon with heavy rain during part of the visit. In addition, there is the juvenile whooper swan that acts like it's a mute swan too. The pochard was not seen for the second day in a row, so may have now departed. Mallards and Canada geese not counted on account of the rain, and there were hardly any black-headed gulls on site by late afternoon. When recently at the Attic Window Quilt Shop I noticed the above wall hanging. I understand it is just part of the Farm Girls BOM quilt. I love this!! Diana showed us something new at the Shop. Notice the marks on the cutting mat above. It looks dirty, doesn't it? Diana shows us how to clean that mat with a new tool in at the Shop.

You can see that it does a good job! Stop in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and get the Cutting Mat Cleaner today! This is the finished quilt that Cathy will show you how to make when you take her Valentine Project on Friday, Jan.

Happenings at the Attic Window Quilt Shop Valentine Project, Friday, Jan. This weeks theme at CCT is Buttons. I have made a tag using images and a sentiment from the Happy Hedgehog set of stamps by My Favorite Things. The images are coloured with Copics and added to a Lil Inkers tag. The easiest is to actually do the actions, then take pictures of them doing the actions and review later. Next, let them hide and find objects or stuffed animals for prepositions. Books are also a good way to point out actions and prepositions. THERE CONTINUES TO BE ACTIVITY WHICH WILL HOPEFULLY TRANSLATE TO OUR END GOAL VERY SOON. I AM ANTICIPATING ACTION VERY SOON. Embed from Getty Images. Izinkondlo: Leyomini Lashon' ilanga layozilahla kunina, Yafik' imini yezinyembezi Imin' yezinhlupheko, Imini yobumnyam' ebalekis ukukhanya, Ngenhliziyo yami ngiyabalisa, Ukuhlupheka kwami kuningi ngikubala kudlul' iminwe, Kungcon nal' ilanga lizilahla kunina, Mina ngiwumtshing' ubethwa ubani anginabani, Ukubalis' nezinyembez' ikhon' okubusi impilo yami, Okwam' okwezandl kub' okwezinyawo ngabe kuyangshiya, Njengo mam' owangshiya ngingenabani, Ngob' ukuf' izembe eligawula noba ubani Leyomini ang'soze ngaykhohlwa, Namhlanje ngiyintandan' engenabani, Angiluth' entendeni yesandla sami kugcwel usizi nenhlupheko, Amandl' awaphelile umthwal' ongehlelil' onzima, Umhlaba wami uyazamaza, Ngiwa ngivuka ngizam' ukzama, Ngiyazabalaz' ang'na bazali, Ngiyintandane ngidla ngedwa, Sengphenduk' udlayedw' inkomo esehlane, Ngiy'mina ngiy'mina, Angsoze ngaykhohlwa leyo mini, 'Mfana wami khula, ufunde uzithande, Ngiyak'thanda mfana wami' Lawo mazw' amazwi kamama wami, Amazw' akhe okugcin' emhlabeni, Amazw' akh' engigcin' ukung'bona, Amazw' akh' ayisiyalo sokugcina angipha sona, Lamazwi'ayohlal­a kim inguna phakade, Koze kube inguna phakade ngicabanga ngaleyomini, Eyafika langishonela yangicishela isiban' empilweni yami, Namanje ngisazilile, Angisoze ngayikhohlwa leyomini. The Republican Talking Point Delivery System called Sean Hannity has always had one, crucial flaw. He is very stupid. He is an excellent dumb-bomb who can blow things up real good when he is properly loaded and fired, but left to his own inspirations and devices, he tends to make a big, stupid ass of himself. And now that Big Daddy Ailes has been cashiered for being a degenerate workplace sex offender, there is no one left at Fox who has the throw weight to tell Sean Hannity which lie to tell, on which day, and when to shaddap because he is killing the brand. Which is when the fun begins. If you saw the movie War Room, then you saw an amazing movie about prayer. It was outstanding! Karen Abercrombie played Mrs. Clara, the older lady in the movie. That performance by her was just amazing. A church in our area hosted her last night. S. is a "central split-system," which has two parts: an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air handler.

A "ductless mini-split" is also a split system with an outdoor and indoor unit, but there are no ducts.