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Does anyone ever look forward to the work week?!? I think our weekends are typically low key, but people seem to enjoy reading about what others do when they have time off so I'm penning this post for you today. Too bad I wasn't heavily blogging post-wedding and pre-kids - we definitely collected some juicy stories over the years! This weekend started off much better than last week. Following work I headed to the gym with my coworker for what we have dubbed "Circuit Friday. Hence why the minivan was forcing itself through the gap so they could turn. People are idiots.

It's a good thing I saw this post-workout since that increases endorphins, which make people happy.

Thanks for watching. Now they nest just a few miles from where I live in Chesterton, Cambridge and I see them occasionally from my bedroom window' BJ. "Those who remove and crush freedom are the real slaves. pic. The news reports from the Kew BC are available on the Club's web site. View here. The BBC explains car-rammings and stabbings directed against Israelis as acts by frustrated Palestinian militants. p. courtesy of on. Among the foreign films were RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER and the Oscar favorite LA LA LAND. There's no shortage of mentions of the annual Gallup poll that shows us nurses as being the most trusted professionals in the United States year after year. Nurses, you hold the hands of the dying, relieve pain, administer life-saving chemotherapy, care for sick children, conduct crucial research, provide evidence-based primary care, and so much more.

Aside from all of the cards, hearts, chocolate, flowers, wine, and candy of Valentine's Day, I want to offer my sincerest thanks to you for being who you are and doing what you do.

You can view my entire collection of unlimited access online classes HERE . I hope that you were able to snatch up a ton of great deals during the Teachers Pay Teachers sale, don't worry if you haven't had a chance yet - you still have one more day! I know many of you are actively planning your Valentine's day events, whether it be for your class or your family, so I thought that I would pull together all of my previous Valentine's Day posts and put them right here in one place so the ideas are easy to access. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything specific that you'd like to see in the future.

We exchange contact number.

At first, I told her I wait for her at Harbourfront, later on that day itself, Elaine message me whether if I can meet them at the hotel, reply her, telling her when she's about to reach Immigration, message me as I need time to travel. When I was on the way, we message each other and I understand she's on the way to Harbourfront, since the bus I am taking will pass by Harbourfront, I stop at Harbourfront and manage to meetup with her at Harbourfront. Had Dim Sum. During lunch, I was mentioning to her about TM. L.


There can be no peace with such as these. They will not allow it. Ideologues who pave the way for totalitarians never will, and those who believe "It" can't happen here are whistling past the graveyard of history. Uh. Well hello there peeps! Today is an exciting day for me to share a card I created especially to be displayed at Creativation. It's got oodles of RRR trims and fun mixed media supplies. I've created a nice border strip with the layered Black Plaid, and Satin Swiss Dots. I've also tucked in some loopy bows of Black Burlap String. Okay that's all for me. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Tiny Cat gets a scalp massage. It's funny how it doesn't actually help him relax. We are asked sometimes about our homeschool and what we do to 'cover' subjects. Sometime the person asking is a teacher who is assigned to our family to oversee us and, ultimately, keeps us in the legal zone of homeschool education. Which is this whole artificial dividing of learning and mastery into ersatz categories that make no sense and frustrates me to no end. Like you can chop life up into little boxes, stick a label on it, and study it at the appointed time. Well, maybe other people can, but we've got a lot of stuff to cover around here and all our boxes are open and spread out across the floor, covered in cat hair. So we don't do boxes well. So let's keep that in mind when we hear Isaiah speak of sharing our bread with the hungry, and sheltering the oppressed and the homeless, and when he promises that "light shall rise" for us and our "wound quickly healed" –these are things that will happen for them collectively. We are providing food for the hungry and clothing for the cold, especially through St. Vincent de Paul. To be clear, I am not saying our parish can take credit for all this. But our parishioners are definitely involved in these efforts.

And the point is not to congratulate ourselves, or to be satisfied with these efforts, but simply to say, we're doing a lot – and let's do even more! What about what we do beyond our local parish, as part of the Archdiocese? This is a good time to mention the annual Catholic Ministries Appeal.

Everyone should have gotten a letter from the Archbishop about this, describing the six projects that are included. And, as happens every year, this Sunday is when I invite you to make a pledge to support this fund. BGG. Just sacking and trying to type with one hand. but you might delay things just a little while because of winter weather! Today a gathering was scheduled in Clifton Springs for a celebration of the occupational therapy founding. The mayor was also scheduled to issue a proclamation but the celebration had to be postponed due to inclement weather. The event will be rescheduled. The article quotes an unnamed folk source as saying, "You can't keep a good man down, especially when he runs an elevator for a living. Often around Easter questions will arise in the minds of those celebrating the anniversary of Christ's death and resurrection. Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead "on the third day" or "after three days" according to the New Testament? Did He eat the Passover meal or was the Last Supper held before Passover? On what day of the week was the Crucifixion of Jesus? All of these questions, and others as well, are related to the issue at hand. pdf with quite a few charts. Well here we are. We have gotten through January and still no RV. Many say the new fiscal year that begins in March may have an impact on the timing of the RV. I do not have any evidence of this and don't want to guess. Embed from Getty Images. parking on the GA apron. parking on the GA apron. JIMMY FALLON: Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan just got back from a tour of the U. S. -Mexico border.

While he was there, he actually rode a horse.

You ride both bareback, you and horse. '. Gavin McInnes quit FOX News. The local employers prefer to bring workers in from the Third World because they're much cheaper than local workers and can be mercilessly exploited because they're dependent on the employer for their visa. How I looked down on the uncivilised behaviour of these backward Muslims! How unlike the home life of our own dear Queen! Ten years later, the same shit's turned up here, where we have very few backward Muslims but apparently a great many equally-backward right-wingers. The Prime Oaf offers only anecdotes for his claims about local workers, for the excellent reason that the data proves him wrong so mentioning it would be a bad idea. The implication here is that staff have been sacked for being impaired by drugs at work. To get an idea of just how stupid that is, picture a regime in which employers and politicians must instantly be barred from their workplaces if random drug testing shows they consumed alcohol in the last few days, and union leaders were making speeches in which they claim we need to bring in employers and politicians from the Third World because locals clearly aren't up to the job. To identify with the hero. To root for the good guys and take moral satisfaction when the bad guys lose. Indeed, many movies deliberately manipulate the audience into taking sides. When we read the Bible, the same psychology kicks in. And up to a point, there's nothing wrong with that. We're supposed to take sides. And we're supposed to side with Jesus. We're supposed to identify with God's people rather than the enemies of Jesus. However, we need to be careful about that. For instance, when reading the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, our natural tendency is to subconsciously identify with the tax collector and cast individuals or groups we disapprove of in the role of the Pharisee. But that's diametrically contrary to how we ought to it. When reading that parable, we should ask ourselves, "Am I like the Pharisee?" Christians need to periodically ask themselves, am I unconsciously falling into a Pharisaic outlook? This happens when we begin to make our assurance of faith dependent on drawing an invidious contrast between ourselves with other people. .