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Now for the final!The Penultimate ChallengeThe location was the Queen's House in Greenwich - which is a magnificent building and a beautiful setting for this challenge.

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I said, or I can use the same fabric for all of them.

Gli alunni della piccola scuola di Filicudi, la meravigliosa "Paradisola" dell'arcipelago Eoliano, hanno proseguito il loro percorso formativo, per arricchire la loro "cultura della coltura". p. A.

Foto: Antonio Iacullo Santo del Giorno: Santa Giuliana, quella che spaventò il demonio.

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I used a Aqua painter to add just a touch of color to the flowers and the bumble bee.

The other card is how it looks before you color it. I used the Happy framelit and adhered it to the front of the card. Take a look at your stamps sets and give this a whirl. The more of a line art design the better. Then just fill it in with a little bit of color.


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