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I came across this excellent article by the Harvard Business Review about how trust relates to productivity in business. It turns out trust goes a long way towards creating a productive learning environment with students as well. Trust doesn't end in the classroom though. Between teachers in a building, across entire school boards and in the education system in Ontario as a whole, trust is the cement that turns us from individuals into powerfully focused groups. This week we were handed a remedy for a court case won by teacher's unions in Ontario. Police said a man has died after trying to break into several homes in a southwest Fort Worth neighborhood Friday morning. m. The man broke out a window at a house and was chased away by the homeowner, according to police. He then went to the house next door and broke another window. Police said the man sustained a severe cut at some point, causing him to collapse in a front yard and bleed to death. His body was found when police arrived at the scene. Police are investigating the deaths of a husband and wife in their Galveston home on Monday morning. Texas Sized Barbeque Grills Neighbors told police they had heard gunshots earlier that morning. Source:. Perfect Beemer from Renard Speed Shop Pics from Bikeexif. As those of you have followed things along know, the beginning section of Trans Iowa had to be scrapped due to a small bridge closure. It could not easily be gotten around due to a lack of roads in the area. So, I scrapped the entire first leg to do another 'sketch" for a beginning sector. That has to be reconned so I don't have some other "surprise" waiting for me this Spring to reroute around. I hope to get down that way soon, as there is no snow cover and the roads look to be clear right now. There is one other issue that has been bugging me lately.

Instead of a half mile of gravel we ended up seeing two miles.

That didn't set well with me and I had that sitting in the back of my mind for weeks afterward. Now there was another small reroute we planned on immediately after the recon in October which wasn't far away from this area. In January I wrote a post titled, Beading Frenzy, and I talked about a workshop I hoped to attend called Digging LA led by Kaari and Molly Meng of French General. m. to drive to Los Angeles. I apologize in advance for the pics - I didn't want to carry my good camera so all the pics are taken with my phone and I certainly couldn't ask anyone to turn off the lights! French General carries a wide variety of beads and lovely notions both old and new. Before I could eat one more croissant, Kaari handed us cute little totes, showed us the enclosed map and told us to meet them in a parking garage in the flower district - of course we got lost. Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of three men underground in a neighborhood of Key Largo. The three men worked for Douglas N. They were in an underground drainage pipe this morning when they collapsed. A Key Largo firefighter who went down to rescue them also collapsed. He and two of the workers were brought up to the surface by firefighters and deputies on the scene. The third worker's body was brought to the surface this afternoon. Even though the holidays are over, there are so many cute images in the ADFD shop that can be used for other cards! This one, Angel with a Bell is perfect to use for a post-Christmas thank you card. Until then- Happy creating! Cathy . RB Program. Didn't get last week's paper delivery? See every edition here. waecdirect. A promising development:. Vulcano - Cala Formaggio e Baia di Mastrominico IL SANTO DEL GIORNO Vescovo, santo vissuto tra il quinto e sesto secolo. Lottò con forza malgrado le minacce di morte, contro i matrimoni incestuosi frequenti nelle grandi famiglie. Fu sepolto nel vecchio cimitero presso la chiesa di San Pietro. Questo fatto impressionò il re che permise ad Albino di liberarla. Un'altra leggenda racconta che una volta Albino pregò fino a notte per alcuni uomini imprigionati nella Torre di Angers. Verdict: Guilty, Manslaughter. Sentence: Two years. Suspended. Take action and learn who the Republican turncoats are. Nei giorni scorsi, proprio per illustrare quanto previsto dall'art. E' sufficiente quindi una telefonata di mezz'ora al cellulare per aumentare i rischi di danni gravi al cervello. Si pose un giorno a leggere la Sacra Bibbia, e giunto alle parole: « Ego sum qui sum: Io sono Colui che sono », ne fu fortemente impressionato. Essendo così disposto, ricevette il santo Battesimo. Il popolo di Poitiers tanto lo ammirava, che unanimemente lo elesse proprio vescovo, nonostante tutte le sue rimostranze. I know this brings sunshine to many, many people. I get a little sad, however, thinking about all the children here in America who could use those services. I have found one that I think will be a very good fit for me. The project is called Capes for Kids. Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Science without humanity. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle. Gandhi called these missteps "passive violence," 'which fuels the active violence of crime, rebellion, and war. ' He said, "We could work 'til doomsday to achieve peace and would get nowhere as long as we ignore passive violence in our world. For further information on these Scams, please Read . This means that the children normally don't have long to play with their new toys. However, this year was much better as the event was followed by a weekend and the children go back to school on Monday morning after they have enjoyed their toys for a few days. The dogs and me headed over the fields to do some foraging for the goats, Brambles and Ivy, when the goats went in this evening I did some hoof trimming, I haven't been taking enough off, I have been watching a few you tube videos on hoof trimming and gave them a good manicure this evening, there hoofs are easy to trim in the evening as they soften up after being on damp grass. they also got a good brush down, Connie who is on the right in the photo has a long coat, while brushing her I noticed the hair on her hind quarters is a bit matted, a hair cut is in order I think as she is due any time so the sooner her hair is cut the better, I remember the mess she got into last time she kidded and had to be shampooed down and a hair cut. This morning didn't start well, the rouge buzzard is back and had one of the doves, fortunately it was the lone dove and not one of the parents but still a sad loss. There was also another loss I don't know when it happened we only have one baby dove in the nest, some time in the last few days one must have died and the parents removed it from the nest.

I managed to get a good photo of the survivor, still ugly.

More seeds have been sown, these are in the heated propagator Cucumbers and Squashes, they need a bit of bottom heat to help them germinate. Howie is a little lost. After weeks of this, he's searching for more laps. Mama had tears as the car left the driveway. It's a new year with lots of changes for us all. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Ubuhlalu Imvunulo yobuhlalu inhle. Ubuhlalu, behlukile, kuya ngesigodi noma ngesifunda bese kubonakala umehluko. Kunobuhlalu obuxube obufaka zonke izinhlamvu ezimbalabala, lobo-ke obaseNdwedwe. Kukhona obaseNkandla, obakwaNongoma, obaseNgungumbane Eshowe. Eqinisweni zonke izifunda zihloba ngohlobo lwazo. Kuyenzeka umbala owodwa wobuhlalu uhumusheke ngezindlela ezingaphezu kweyodwa kwenziwa ukuncikana kwemibala ethile: Umbala ozululicwathile: Lo mbala uveza inhliziyo elokhu yethembekile esithandweni sakhe. Wona lo mbala ungasho ukunxusa ngenhliziyo inhliziyo ezehlisileyo. Kokunye wona lo mbala ungasho umzwelo obuhlungu nonya nolaka. Umbala ophuzi: Usho ukuceba umnotho, usho insimu, usho umkhiqizo kanye nokuba nenzalo. Here's the blurb:Watch for the signs! What signs these shall be, I say unto you: first the earth will flow with the blood of Aen Seidhe, the Blood of Elves. For over a century, humans, dwarves, gnomes, and elves have lived together in relative peace. I am very worried about the global economy in the next. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS. Happy Thursday! Today I'm sharing a couple more Jillibean Soup cards. This one features more of the beautiful Hardy Hodgepodge line I praised yesterday. Supplies: Jillibean Soup Patterned Paper: Hardy Hodgepodge Soup/Trace of Triangles, Cup of Chevron, Bite Size Bits Pea Pod Parts: Hardy Hodgepodge Soup Soup Labels: Hardy Hodgepodge Soup Glassine Bags: Hardy Hodgepodge Soup Wood Veneer Clothespins: Stars Adhesive Sequins Corrugated Alphas: Hardy Hodgepodge Soup Other: opaque white mist. Happy first of the month RRR Peeps! You know it's my day to share a project created with the new Ribbon Club Assortment.

This month it's a Pink and Green Mix which is sooo perfect to go with some new papers I just got and I am a happy crafter! Isn't that a lovely bright cheerful collection??? It inspired this card.