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Testing of wild Alaska salmon, halibut, Pollock, sablefish, herring and Pacific cod has confirmed once again no presence of Fukushima-related radiation, Alaska officials confirmed Jan.

DEC still receives inquiries regarding the safety of Alaska seafood, said DEC spokeswoman Marlena Brewer. "We get a lot of callers who want to see the data that proves lack of radiation in seafood. Alaska was selected this past year as the first state test site for implementation of a field deployable gamma-ray analysis system to analyze fish for radionuclides. I am happy! When Lachlan is not with me, that is when I squeeze in my baking. I try to finish cake orders first. Guess what I am having for lunch? Cake. Per consegne a domicilio e/o ordinazioni tel. Told through Jane's eyes, English literature's most celebrated autobiographical novel shocked the Victorians, and Charlotte Bronte's gothic subversion of fairy-tale romance is now distilled for the stage – under its full title – by writer/director Elton Townend Jones. Performer Rebecca Vaughan embodies everywoman Jane – and several other characters – in this intimate study of love's realities. From the creators of: Austen's Women, I, Elizabeth, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, The Diaries of Adam and Eve, Female Gothic, Christmas Gothic and Dalloway. I've featured this barn on my blog before. Whenever I go down to visit mycousins in Virginia, I like to go by hereand see what kind of shape it's in. S. It's getting more and more picturesque—i. e. , rundown, wabi sabi, shabby chic.

Don't you just love the way January's guest designer, Emma, carried the star theme throughout her Owl Nephew card? The kraft background ties back so nicely to the way she colored the owl - and that night sky!!! Love the dusky feel of it.

Be sure to stop by her blog and leave her some love. It was a very glossy production, with lots of advertisements, congratulating the Cardinal and articles on him and about him. However, there seems to have been an omission from all of the articles about the successes. And that is, the closing/merging of a number of Catholic elementary schools, including one just last June. . Hi y'all! I sure am glad you stopped by. I have two cakes in the mini dollhouse cottage kitchen, and I already have a slice for you.

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Hi there and happy Tuesday.

Cherry here for RRR. I have a shabby St. Patrick's Day card for you today. I've used some golds and greens and some vintage embellishments. I used gold berry cluster sprays in the middle of my bloom. I used some satin fabric with a ric rac edge and added seam binding along with some Tabitha natural crochet lace. Well that is it for me RRR Peeps. Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes, Veritas & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:. Hello To The New Paradigm Stewardship, The 'Chosen Ones', & All The Great Humanitarian Contributors Who Are Awaiting This Unprecedented Opportunity To Generate The Most Significant Humanitarian Projects & Job Creation Plans To The Benefit Of All :. We Cannot THANK YOU Enough, Dear Yosef, The Mu Crew, VERITAS, One Who Believes, The Real Truth Team, Bruce's Team, Etheric Blue, and Hundreds of You For ALL That You Have Contributed To This Incredible FORUM With A Very Special & Exceptional THANKS To Patrick of Dinar Chronicles For Making This All Possible. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images. parking on the Cambrian apron. In my January post, I talked about the importance of strong inciting incidents to hook the reader. For those who might have missed that post, I'll repeat the definition of an inciting incident. An inciting incident is an event or situation in the story's opening that brings change and spurs the character to action.

This change should threaten the character or his goal or his self-concept or all three.

The threat needs to be something readers can relate to, something that will make readers worry about the character, something that will lead readers to ask questions that will keep them turning pages to find answers. In response to that post, Villager Vince Mooney pointed out that expanding on the inciting incident creates the story, eliminates the problem of the 'sagging middle' and brings a satisfactory conclusion. Vince's points are important. Important enough to merit another post. Strong inciting incidents aren't just a gimmick writers use in the opening to hook the reader. Strong inciting incidents trigger the entire story. The very best news is that no one died. It is reported that the driver of the smaller vehicle involved is most seriously injured and had to be cut out by a roof removal undertaken by the local volly emergency response services. Another bit of good fortune had the bus over the side of the highway having its unintended descent cushioned then ended by light bush in near proximity to where it left the road. Add in nervous other drivers and tradies exceeding their talents as drivers and it is nothing short of miraculous that many more incidents do not occur. I have never appreciated more, the skills gained from over a decade of emergency response driver training and delivery, than in this past year when in addition to increased medical needs swmbo has been involved in an extensive monitoring and therapy regime under a research medical project into Parkinsons Disease. Every trip involves an incident of near miss proportions and sometimes as it did on Tuesday two or more, where the prevention of a crash revolves around defensive ability of an innocent potential victim. Base metals are in. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS . When it picks a side, either left or right, the end result is a loss of business from the opposing side. If I was stock holder in some of these businesses, I'd be royally ticked off and would be thinking about dumping my stock. .