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Austin Police and the University of Texas Police Departments are investigating the sexual assault of a UT student along the Drag.

m. on Guadalupe Street. "We actually had an event we were at last night — walking this block during that time period," said Sarah Gosch, a freshman at UT who was back on the Drag Sunday with a friend. "So the fact that it happened and we were right there is terrifying. A man from New Mexico died while diving offshore of the Upper Keys, on the wreck of the Eagle. The man's name is being withheld until detectives can notify his next of kin. m. He was diving with two others when he surfaced and became unresponsive. He was pulled on board the boat and CPR was performed as they brought him back to Bud and Mary's Marina in Islamorada. He was pronounced dead at Mariner's Hospital. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death. We'll have to wait and see. By the way, Schaub is generally respected by his co-workers at KCBS but his occasional heavy-handedness rubs many folks the wrong way. Maybe time to pipe down the ego, Jeffster. Not his style. If you need help designing a card. Ink: Watermelon wonder Accessories: Frozen Treats Dies, Metallic ribbon, lace doilies. Having found the herb, he pulls a spring from it, then unfastens the stones, and rises again to the surface.

Gilgamesh, like Adam, has lost immortality because of his own stupidity and a serpent's strike.

Iranian tradition, also, has a tree of life and regeneration which grows on earth and has a prototype in heaven…Ahriman counters this creation of Ahura Mazda's, by creating a lizard in the waters of Vourakasa to attack the miraculous tree Gaokerena.

The serpent is present beside the Tree of Life in other traditions, too, probably as a result of Iranian influences. The Kalmuks tell how a dragon is in the ocean, near the tree Zambu, waiting for some of the leves to fall so that he can devour them. The Buriats believe in the serpent Abyrga beside the gee in a "lake of milk". In some Central Asiatic versions, Abyrga is coiled round the actual tree trunk. There are gryphons or monsters guarding all the roads to salvation, mounting guard over the Tree of LIfe, or some symbol of the same thing. When Hercules went to steal the golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides, he had either to kill or put to sleep the dragon guarding them…The golden fleece of Colchis was also guarded by a dragon, which Jason had to kill to obtain it. So will we see paid disruptors pulled off trolling duty and repurposed for suppression patrol?. you know. ask the Russians?. sculpture feature in the bush garden garden of the Enchanted Adventure Garden at Arthurs Seat. Sir Skoluh'r Dehpudzy saw the Thugs advancing toward him. He shouted to his men to withdraw to the village square. The spearmen in front of him he rapidly dispatched, whirled his horse about in the narrow road and went around the corner between smoking buildings. The first archers to arrive at the rear of the barracks and tavern building were attacked by Librohn's pack of war hounds.

Arrows and swords made short work of three and the last one ran away and leaped the fence yelping.

Tubby arrived at the intersection, saw the formidable array of lances, and passed on to the other side. He and his men joined with the longbows in trying to set the barracks building afire. I'm leaning to this week Paperbag: just waitin for mosul! Pearle: I'm waiting on Mosul too. Perth is a very nice place to visit. But, unlike Roy, it is not a place I would like to live. Its isolated imperial charm is redolent of afternoon teas similar to Victoria, British Columbia. He would most likely make a go of it in Perth. But not me. TNT JSL: Hang in there everybody, I think there is way more motivation to get this done than folks realize! Take care Tada: Just maybe Pres. just maybe.

Our neighbor's little girl always runs out to look up when I fly over and says "Look, it's Mr.

Mark's plane!" She told her mom that what she wanted most for her fourth birthday was another ride in the Velocity. It was a beautiful and clear day if a little windy. Quite a tradition. Following are some examples of MSM fake news. S. Embassy to Jerusalem and the UN Ambassador's position to ensure that Israel will be protected at the UN. It has been several months since the barrage of nightmarish reports about the horrors in East Aleppo as the Syrian government army prepared to drive out the remaining rebels from the city in mid December. Purported "activists" posted their "goodbye" messages, claiming they feared they would be slaughtered by government forces. Women were said to have chosen suicide over rape. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. A Supreme Successor to Justice Scalia pic. SORRY, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS AT THIS TIME. We are in the middle of "Original" Destin surrounded by waters and fun in every direction. SORRY, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING THESE RESERVATIONS AT THIS TIME. Thank You for Your Interest and Please Be Safe!. The concept of leadership has been widely observed and frequently studied, but a thorough understanding of what defines successful leadership has always remained just out of reach. For reference, here's Lieberman's background: LIEBERMAN: I've never believed in ghosts or that stuff, but I've had a couple of cases, one in particular that really just gave me pause. And she responded to nothing," he added with emphasis. "Usually you get some response. But there was no response. We started to do family therapy. I chose to work with Cornered for today. The die set includes two of these corner triangles, each with a different sentiment. The dropped out text is such a great look, and the corner design is so unique and intriguing! I decided to give the birthday sentiment a rainbow treatment simply by adhering colorful banners behind each row of text. The banner die I used is from the Tag Sale: Quilted.

To adjust the length of the banners, I just snipped in the middle and strategically adhered so that the seams wouldn't show.

Along the long side of the triangle, I also added jumbo sequins in rainbow colors to match the banners. If you have any creative leaning you might really enjoy this book. One of the memoir instructions was to remember a taste. I was fortunate to have great grandmothers on both sides.

When I would go to my paternal grandparents house for the weekend I would ask my grandmother to make what we called "Nutty Pudding".

This was simply chocolate box pudding with pecans. Did you have box puddings as a kid? I think we had them on semi-regularly occasions at home, But this chocolate pudding with nuts was just for me - not the family - and the added nuts made it just this side of heaven. Hi friends. Bonnie here today with another fun card for Valentine's Day using my favorite Delicate Stitched Satin Ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon. If you have not tried making a bow with Delicate Stitched Satin Ribbon, I encourage you to. It is a pretty and lightweight ribbon and it works like a dream for bow making. AND, it really quite inexpensive. Thanks so much for stopping by today. For more information on the other products used in this card, please visit my Make Time to Craft Blog. "Life's lessons are many!" Then, we've all heard the statement "All I ever needed to know about life, I learned from. " and then, whoever it was saying it , would give their chief source of their own wisdom. Good news is that most of us are still breathing, Bad news we just don't know for how long. Good news is we all believe that this is going to happen, Bad news we don't know when. Good news there was no hype about anything happening this weekend, Bad news they are saying not for two more weeks. Good news Trump is still President, Bad news he is not getting impeached anytime soon. Good news people in other parts of the world can exchange, Bad news we can not exchange here in the U. S. The funny thing is that the world is not rose colored and we just look thru the rose colored glasses to see what we want. .